What is an ‘aluminium-free deodorant’ and should I be using one?

What is an ‘aluminium-free deodorant’ and should I be using one?

Aluminium vs. Aluminium Salts?

Many mainstream antiperspirants contain a synthetic group of aluminium salts. This is what is being referred to when deodorants, such as Wild, are labelled "aluminium-free". The function of these synthetic salts is to reduce or even stop sweating by temporarily blocking sweat glands in your underarms. By preventing perspiration, there is less opportunity for the growth of odour-causing bacteria which thrive when sweat lingers on the skin. 
It's effective, but perhaps not the safest option...

There are various studies linking aluminium salts to some undesirable side effects on health, based on the impacts of these salts being absorbed into the body and upsetting some fine-tuned hormonal balances, for example within the endocrine system. Further research is needed to generate more concrete evidence and accessible explanations, however we do not wish to use them in our deodorant, as the initial findings and research currently available suggest it may not be worth the risk!
What we are 100% sure of is that sweating is a natural and healthy process that regulates our body temperature, and we're keen to develop products which work WITH your body's natural functions, rather than AGAINST them.


So, how do aluminium-free deodorants still work effectively?

Aluminium-free deodorants contain alternative and natural ingredients that work to keep you dry and stop your underarms from smelling unpleasant. For example, Wild’s formula contains tapioca starch, an absorptive powder extracted from the roots of the cassava plant which keeps you dry without blocking your sweat glands. Another key ingredient in our regular range is bicarbonate of soda which is antibacterial so prevents body odour from forming by killing off any bacteria which has rocked up under your arms, expecting things to get sweaty. This is a key part of preventing that classic body-odour smell, as it's the waste products from the bacteria that are responsible.
Wild will keep you smelling fresh all day- even on those busy days - naturally!

It’s also the aluminium salts found in classic antiperspirants or deodorants that leave those annoying yellow stains on your clothes when it comes into contact with your sweat. So a natural deodorant without aluminium salts means no more yellow stains. Great news for your pristine white tees!

You can find a full list of our ingredients, plus their role and benefits, here.

But what about your aluminium Wild case?
By calling our deodorant aluminium-free, we are referring to there being no aluminium-salts in the deodorant formula. In contrast, our refillable casing is made from aluminium alloy which is very different to aluminium-salts in antiperspirants. It's an incredibly safe and commonly used form of packaging because it’s lightweight and highly durable. This means your casing can last you a lifetime!

So to sum that all up, Wild deodorant is aluminium-free because it does not contain synthetic aluminium salts. However, our casing is made from entirely safe aluminium metal designed to allow you to easily apply your deodorant, refill after refill. 

Check out the case range here!
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