Let’s make our homes a little more Wild this Earth Day!

Let’s make our homes a little more Wild this Earth Day!

We all want our homes to be as green as possible, for the planet and for ourselves. Perfection is hard to achieve, but it’s easy to make changes to be more eco-friendly and add a bit of Wild to your life. We’ve chatted with our friends at Patch Plants to come up with three areas where you can start to re-Wild your home this Earth Day.


A little change in your shopping habits can make a big difference. Buy loose fruit and veg instead of plastic-wrapped. And don’t throw away vegetable scraps. They can often be used for making stock for soups, sauces and gravies. 

Any peelings and leftovers that can’t be re-used can go in a compost bin. After three months you’ll have nutrient-rich compost that your plants will love.

No compost bin? No problem. You can still use some of those scraps. For example, orange peel soaked in one part vinegar and one part water can make a great surface spray. 


Alter your cleaning habits and help keep the planet clean. You can use old t-shirts and towels for mopping up spills, instead of buying disposable kitchen towel. They can be washed and re-used again and again. 

Homemade cleaners are another great way to cut back on single-use plastic. Bicarbonate of soda is your best friend – it has loads of cleaning uses and it’s sustainable.

Plants can help to clean nasty things from the air. The more plants you have, the better. If you’re new to plant parenting, start with some easy ones, like Rapunzel the Golden pothos, Pippa the peace lily, and Susie the snake plant. They’re all from the (Almost) Unkillable collection at Patch, so anyone can keep them alive. Extra tip: You can use bath water to water your plants. 

Personal care

There is a growing number of eco personal care products that don’t compromise on convenience or performance. 

Wet wipes can clog pipes and damage marine wild-life. Luckily, eliminating them from your skin-care routine is easy. Invest in a flannel and an ethically-sourced cleanser and you’re good to go!

Another swap to make is moving to refillable products to save packaging. Wild have created a natural, refillable deodorant that gives you all day odour protection, so you’ll smell great while doing great things for the planet. It comes in a sleek aluminium case in a range of colours. All you have to do is pop in a new refill when you’ve used the old one. No plastic. No needless waste.

There are seven great scents to choose from, including Mint & Eucalyptus and Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt. Not only will you save plastic when you switch to Wild but a percentage of every deodorant sold goes to the climate charity ‘On A Mission’ to support reforestation projects. 

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